Trusteeship Plans, Inc. (TPI), founded in 1968, is one of the innovators and pioneers in the pre-need industry in the Philippines. While saving is a time honored family value, the concept of saving for future needs has proven to have a tremendous appeal to the family-oriented Filipino. Armed with its first product the Memorial Life Plan was introduced to the Filipino public and was warmly received thru sheer hard work, perseverance and sincerity of the company’s movers and shakers. In 1989, TPI, ever conscious of its chosen role to the community, launched its second product “the Educational Plan. Enthused by the success of its existing products and buoyed by the confidence and trust bestowed upon the company by the communities it serves, the company introduced its pre-need Pension Plan.


Plan Their Future

We believe that a good education is a vital tool towards a bright future; each child has a right to education and deserves a role in nation building.


Secure Your Retirement

We believe that after working hard and being productive, Filipinos deserve a meaningful, stable, peaceful quality of life in retirement.


The Sun sets as surely as it rises; Plan for this moment for yourself and your loved ones.

We believe that the sun will set in our lives and those of our loved ones someday and it is reassuring and comforting to know that this moment can be prepared for with kindness, serenity and peace of mind.






                         WE BELIEVE THAT THE FILIPINO CAN…..

                                                       THAT WE ALL DESERVE A GREAT LIFE…

                                                                     THAT HAND IN HAND WITH TRUSTEESHIP PLANS, WE WILL GET THERE….